Is Jordan Kilganon the Lost and Found the best dunk of all time?

To me, Jordan Kilganon the Lost and Found Dunk may be the best dunk ever? What do you think? Join our private facebook group for basketball tips and drills!  

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Pull up jump shot – Footwork explained

The pull up jump shot is a great move for point guards, shooting guards, and forwards. It’s based on speed, deception, and footwork. What you need for the pull up jump shot A good shot obviously A great drive (people have to fear your drives) Good footwork – Important to use a 1-2 stop Great…

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Toss to shot – Great guard shooting drill

One player tosses the ball to a zone where the shooter has to sprint to get it. Catch it on a 1-2 stop (inside foot first) – Then elevates for a shot. More point guard drills here

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Great plyometrics drill to jump higher

Do the plyometrics drill below to jump higher This is an amazing plyometrics drill you can do 3 times per week to drastically improve your vertical.

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Point Guard ball handling drill – V-Dribble

I use the V-Dribble ball handling drill on my players to help them improve their touch. The Point Guard Academy is great online to improve your guard play. Check out our Point Guard Academy Review.

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